Courses in English

Math for grades 4-12.

The lessons are based on Canadian Curriculum and the program of the Provintial Tests (British Colombia).

Courses in Russian

MathematicsRussian Language Arts
PreschoolPreschool Math.Preschool Russian Language Arts.
KindergartenPreschool Math.

Preschool Russian Language Arts,

Cursive Writing,

Basic Reading (Bukvar).

Grades 1-7

Basic Math (Grades 1-7),

Advanced Math (Grades 1-7),

Basic Reading (Bukvar),

Cursive Writing,


Russian Language Arts,

Russian Literature,

Our World.

Grades 8-10Basic Math (Grades 8-10),

Advanced Math (Grades 8-10).


Grades 11-12Basic Math (Grades 11-12),

Advanced Math (Grades 11-12).


AdultsHigher Mathematics.


For more information see page in Russian.